Tina is quite new to the network and I was very curious to finally get to spend some time with her. An enigmatic and sophisticated woman, always so well spoken, she has an interesting trajectory that brought her to the south coast of Spain all the way from Bristol via France, Israel, Malta and then Gibraltar over 24 years ago.

Tina is a striking mix of Gibraltarian father and Greek mother, the latter having grown up in Tangiers. Good at languages since childhood, she was always intrigued to see how people express themselves in different languages. Her obvious path was to study languages in Oxford and she specialised in the art (and science) of translation & interpretation. She heads Compelling Copy, supporting her clients in everything related to written communication. Tina is vegetarian and enjoys the simple things in life, especially hiking and travel. She also helps out in the local dog shelter each week, cleaning cages and taking the dogs out for walks.

Tell me about you – you seem to have a very interesting background.
After finishing university, I worked as international liaison for France at a manufacturing company in England; then to Malta, teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Italian community; and on to Spain, again teaching English, this time to business people in and around Algeciras. I also have a flair for interior design and more specifically styling, having trained with UK TV Channel 5’s House Doctor, Anne Maurice. That is why I ended up teaming with an architectural photography company where I styled shoots and created the copy for luxury real estate publications here on the Costa for a number of years. That led me to write for local magazines and websites and eventually set up my current company.

Tina, what is it that keeps you passionate about your work?
I simply love language! Producing well-written copy is an art form for me. And it can make or break a sale! I always ask myself: ‘what is the point of having a website if it doesn’t connect to your audience?’ That is what I do for my clients: I create those texts that ultimately will win hearts over. Effective copywriting brings to life what you are trying to achieve with your business. It is key to your success!

Are there any tips that you could share with us here?
Of course. Selling requires tapping into emotion. Emotion has to be conveyed in your written copy if you want to sell: emotion is connecting to a problem that you can solve for your clients. Your clients need to feel that you understand what they need. Copy should be direct, concise and convey the benefits of what you offer. Copy is there to take people on a journey: drawing potential customers’ attention, piquing their interest and creating desire in them to take action.

It seems businesses need to dig deep to be able to articulate what you just said, right?
Yes! Business owners need to know their ‘why’! What is your passion? What needs are you here to satisfy? These are all valid leadership questions right now, and every business owner is a leader in what they’re doing. We all need to be clear about our ‘why’.

So you come in and help them distil what it is they really need to say?
That’s right. Not being able to write well is a real challenge for many businesses. I solve that. I give a very personalised service by spending time getting to know what it is you’re about as a business, knowing your product, understanding your message…

Who are your typical clients?
I have been fortunate enough to work for a wide variety of clients so no one is typical. After several years of writing for real estate companies detailing the advantages of buying property in worldwide destinations, I moved on to copywriting for two of Gibraltar’s online gaming companies. Over the past three years as Compelling Copy, I have specialised in travel insurance with medical conditions for the UK insurance giant Staysure, at the same time as writing for other industries such as financial planning, management consultancy, garden design, organic fast food and much more… In a nutshell, I love to research and write about pretty much anything that needs words!

Thank you for your time, Tina. How can people find you?You can get in touch via my website https://www.compellingcopy.co.uk/ or on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-andlaw-a561723b/