11 Q&A’s you may or may not know about Wendy Codd…

Your name?

Wendy Codd


Don’t feel the need to give my age really….




3 daughters, 30, 27 and 24 and 1 grandchild.  All live in London. Eldest is Legal Secretary in the city, the middle one is a professional singer and actress and also coaches children singing privately, my youngest also sings part time but works full time as mortgage adviser.

Where you come from in the UK?

Came from North London in UK in August 2005

Been in Insurance industry in the UK since 1980 and did all the usual FPC exams whilst I was there.

In 1995 I set up and run another business offering Drama, Dance and Singing to children between the ages of 3 – 16 years at weekends under the Stagecoach Franchise for over 12 years.

Some of my students were Jonathan Ross´s (Woss!) children, Amy Winehouse was a student when she was 12 years old, Miss Dynamite, Nicky Clarke´s children (Celebrity Hairdresser), Jo Wiley (presenter), Carrie Grant´s daughter (from Fame Academy  – Celebrity singing teacher to the stars), Arsene Wenger´s daughter  (Arsenal Manager) and many other now famous people….  At the time of selling my Stagecoach Franchise (in order to move to Spain..)  I had 5 schools with over 300 students.  Whilst running Stagecoach I still carried out insurance services on a part time basis until I came to Spain.

When did you set up your Company?

Started EU Insurance in Spain in September 2005.

What services does your Company offer?

Company offers all insurance and financial services, insurance for cars, homes, bikes, bars, cafes, commercial, travel, private health insurance, income protection, accident cover, savings, pensions, funeral plans, life cover, mortgage protection.

What makes your Company unique?

My company is unique in trying to provide a very personal service for clients, never forgetting to remind them when their renewals are due and always searching for the best cover and deals.  Always at the end of the phone (unfortunately….)

What are your personal ambitions?

Personal Ambitions are to be happy, healthy but to also be financially successful, be respected and have a good reputation in my field so that clients have total trust and can rely on me.

What are your aims and goals for your company?

Goals for the company – to expand eventually and to be able to employ full time staff to assist, possible move to bigger premises.

And finally, tell us something funny about yourself

Don’t have any anything funny to write about myself, well I could but it wont go on the website – OK……….

Thank you Wendy!

Wendy Codd,
EU Insurance Direct
Tel: 952830843