PoliclinicaWe have been members of business first since January 2015, unfortunately we just missed the Christmas party that was organized, hopefully we will be able to attend this year so we don’t miss out on the fun.

Our experience has been very positive todate, in a very collaborative, fun and family atmosphere. Enjoying our breakfast nice and early on a Thursday morning whilst having a chat before we started on our presentations.

Since we started we have noticed an increase of British patients to our clinic, and approximately 50% of the Business 1st members have visited us as patients.

We also got some interesting contacts through Business First which have been very beneficial for our business.

Vanesa Núñez López
Dirección Médica y Desarrollo Corporativo

e-mail: vnlopez@policlinicaalen.com
web: www.policlinicaalen.es
tlf: 622 322 350 – 952 467 179