13 Q&A’s you may or may not know about Sandy Mellule…….

Your name ?

Sandy Mellule

Your Age?





Simon Aged 37 Teacher in Barcelona and Michelle Aged 31 PR Manageress  for Bridesmaid Clothing  Company in London

Where you come from in the UK or relevant home Country ?

Born in Middx but latterly from Essex!!!

When did you come to Spain?


Why did you come over?

Was at a crossroads in my life. Got divorced, kids left home, it was time for a new start.

When did you start your Company?


What services does your Company offer? 

High end printing.

What makes your Company unique?

 Our personal service

What are your aims and goals for your company?

To expand niche ideas

What are your personal ambitions?

 At 58, to muster up as much energy as possible each morning to come up with new ideas!

Tell me something funny about yourself?

 I once slipped on a piece of lettuce in a restaurant while being shown to my table. I steadied myself on the top of a chair that was tucked into a large round table set for 8 people. Unfortunately the top of the chair broke, I landed on the floor on my behind, caught the table cloth on my way down and took the 8 place settings with me. Now there’s a way to make an entrance!

 Thank you Sandy!!

Contact details

Sandy Mellule

Telephone: 952 934 805  or  666 666 996