When you look at the bigger picture, not so much.

All oils are basically about 120kcalsper tablespoon with about 12-13g of fat.

All oils have a smoke point and those that are more stable at higher temperatures are better for frying, while those that are less stable might be better for baking into cakes or using as a spread.

Does the ratio or omega 3 to omega 6 matter?  Sure, but is a tablespoon  of rapeseed oil really going to make that big of a difference if the rest of  your diet is spot on?

Get the basics right, energy balance, lots of vegetables, protein at every meal from various sourcesof lean meat and fish and include some oily fish a couple of times per week, if you like it.

Too many people get hung up on minor details like is coconut oil going to let you live longer than sunflower oil?  Not if you haven’t got the basics right and even then, 120kcals out of 2,000 plus is a drop in the ocean.  So, maybe you should just go with the cheapest option and spend the difference on some wild salmon instead.

For the record, coconut oil won’t help you to burn fat if you aren’t in an energy deficit (basic thermodynamics) and even then, it probably won’t make any difference.

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-Louise O’Connor

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

FNL Transformation