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Life cover – Bank life cover
We have received several calls this month from clients looking to change their life insurance, currently with their Bank and paying extortionate rates. If you have a renewal due that is with another company or through your bank let us quote to see if we can reduce your premiums. In some cases we have managed to save clients 100s of euros per year!

Cashback Campaign– till mid December only
We still have our Cashback campaign running till 20th December for existing clients and new clients offering 40/60 euros cashback for any NEW policy for car or home taken out with Liberty with a start date of 20th December or before. Premiums for car insurance has to be over 400 euros and home insurance over 200 euros a year and must be paid by direct debit through your Bank. If you have a second car coming up for renewal with another company or want to change your home insurance to Liberty, then you would qualify for the cashback! (Not for replacements or renewals)

Pensions for Ex-Pats living in Spain and Brexit
There has been an agreement for all British pensioners who live in the EU will continue to see their state pension payments increased each year after Brexit, the Government has indicated.
There had been fears that millions of expats who live in Europe would see their pensions “frozen”, meaning their value would be steadily eroded over time. This is the situation in countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where British state pension payments to expats are not increased each year in line with inflation.
But an official update, published quietly last month, confirms that the British government intends to continue increasing state pensions to expats in the EU after the UK leaves the EU in 2019. The update showed that Britain and the EU had the same position on annual increases: that they would continue to be made as now after Brexit. (The Telegraph 13 Sept.)
Brexit healthcare deal is ‘good news for pensioners’

Brexit negotiators have agreed to maintain reciprocal healthcare for British and EU retirees affected by Brexit
The deal applies to British retirees living in other EU countries, and people from those states who have retired in the UK. British pensioners who have retired to other EU countries will continue to have their healthcare paid for by the NHS post-Brexit, after a deal in principle was agreed by negotiators in Brussels.
In one of the few advances made in discussions about EU citizens’ future rights, the Brexit secretary, David Davis, said there had been agreement on four key areas, including reciprocal healthcare for British and EU retirees affected by Brexit.
“This is good news for British pensioners in the EU,” he said.
Other areas of agreement included protection for “frontier workers”, those who live in one EU member state and work in another. This would include people who live in the UK and commute to Europe, or Britons settled in one country, for example Germany, who commute to work in another, say Luxembourg. (The Telegraph 13 Sept)
Christmas Dinner Spain – v – Christmas Dinner UK
Wherever we are in the world Christmas is celebrated with family and friends (hopefully) and an abundance of food and possibly the odd tipple…. If you are in Spain for Christmas there are certain different foods on the menu…
In the UK our traditional Christmas menu consists of Turkey and cranberry sauce or Chicken or other roasted meats with roast potatoes, 2 veg, gravy and Christmas Pudding or Mince pies…
In Spain, Christmas Eve is called La Noche Buena or The Good Night and is celebrated with a large family feast that is eaten late in the evening and lasts a couple hours. It is more important to Spaniards than Christmas Day. Spaniards exchange their Christmas Gifts 13 days after Christmas on January 6th and there is more celebrations then too with a cake made to resemble a King’s crown.
The popular dishes for a Spanish Christmas include cold meats, soft Goats cheese and Manchego, Pate and crackers and various types of sausages. Seafood and Seafood soups are popular with boiled shrimps as classic examples eaten with warm crusty bread. Homemade Cheese puffs are also popular.
Main course is generally traditionally Turkey but it is normally stuffed with a mixture of nuts, dried fruit and grated cheese. This could also be accompanied by roast lamb or pork too. Salad is also served in many different varieties.
Sweets or Puddings?
Chololate sponge cake rolled in a log with fondant and cream is popular and almond based sweets. Orange Olive oil cake is also a popular sweet addition at Christmas.
All washed down with sherry or beer!
However you intend to celebrate Christmas, eat , drink and be merry!!

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