Since I was a child I knew I wanted to work to improve things in the world. So I did what everyone did in those days to get into the international development sector: I studied economics. I worked for aid agencies and discovered my passion for gender equality, public health and women’s rights. I became a mother, and realised that to change the world you have to start with yourself. So I started close in, and I spent years ‘investigating’ inside and I also trained professionally as a Coach. Today, personal empowerment lies at the heart of my coaching business.

I coach because I have a passion for personal transformation: I believe 100%, without a doubt, that we all have everything we need in us, to live the life we want.  We all have immense power and wisdom, and I help you access that. From there, you can achieve anything. My job is to support my clients in developing self-awareness, taking full responsibility for their lives and their big, bold dreams, and in making the right choices for themselves – based on their own insights, not mine. Only from a space of deep connection to ourselves can we live with internal coherence, integrity and authenticity.

You’re probably asking yourself: How does that happen? What exactly does coaching entail? Well, typically my clients come to me because they want to change their lives. They might be feeling unfocused, cluttered or unclear as to what exactly they need to change, but they feel uncomfortable with things as they are, in life and work. They might be frustrated, directionless and in need of renewing their enthusiasm for life… They want to wake up motivated and inspired, energised to live their lives. They want to feel that they are the ones in charge. They want to hear their own voice for a change. They crave themselves. They want their groove back and they are more than ready to set big challenges: in the way they think and feel about themselves, in the way they relate and communicate, in the way they perform and lead others at work… Most importantly, my clients are driven to take action.

And that is where transformation happens: through action. So here is what we do: First, we establish a framework for the coaching: it can be setting goals, getting clear on expectations, having the big picture in mind. Then we create a plan to get where the client wants to get to, and we hold weekly or biweekly coaching conversations for approximately two to three months, depending on what the client wants to achieve. We go together on a journey.

Each coaching session is an opportunity to have a deep, meaningful exchange. I use neuroscience and mindfulness-based methods to clear the clutter of my clients’ minds; to explore the depths of habits, beliefs, unmet needs and harmful thought and emotional patterns; ultimately to uncover my clients’ strengths and values, their truth, their voice. Clients discover, over and over, that they have within themselves the resources to change their lives. And that is for me the true meaning of empowerment.

As your coach, I provide a safe space and structure to our conversations; I listen deeply and ask powerful questions for you to discover your own insights. I keep you motivated, I challenge you and hold you accountable for the steps forward you decide to take. As my client, you get to know yourself in the process; you take control of your life, you grow. By taking action, you start walking boldly, authentically and with integrity towards your dreams.

I am here, at the end of the day, to polish my clients into the best version of themselves. Because a world where we are our best selves is indeed a better world.

Macarena Vergara Coaching