MarDenta Clinic, Marbella Costa Del Sol

MarDenta Clinic, Marbella Costa Del Sol

Ignacio Duran and his partner Nagore Benito are the founding dentists at MarDenta,
Nacho, as his friends call him, was born in 1986 in La Linea de la Concepción.
He studied primary education in an English school in Gibraltar, “Loreto Convent” where he learned English from a very small age.
At the age of 14 he moved with his family to Marbella, where he completed his secondary education.
After graduating in Dentistry at the University AlfonsoX el Sabio in 2009, he moved to United Kingdom. He first lived in Grimsby for 2 years and then moved to Leeds for a further 5 years, which helped to improve his English.
After seven years working for the NHS, Nacho did several postgraduate courses on restorative dentistry, endodontics, surgery and implants, he decided to return to Marbella along with Dr. Benito to begin his new project Mardenta.
At the present time, Dr. Nacho continues to invest his time in training, currently studying a master’s degree in aesthetic dentistry and prosthetic at Barcelona dental institute.

Nagore Benito, was born in San Sebastián, a beautiful coast town in the north of Spain.
From the age of 5 to 18, she studied at San Ignacio de Loyola school, where she learned euskera language.
After graduating in dentistry by the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Nagore also moved to the United Kingdom, where they both met.
Dr. Benito was always very clear about her vocation, and soon she started a post-graduate course in orthodontics in Seville, which re-affirmed to her that this specialty was her passion. Nagore then decided to expand her studies so she started another postgraduate course in Malaga in orthodontics clinic and orthopedics, taught by the prestigious orthodontist Rafael Muñoz Morente.
Nagore has a special ability to deal with the youngest of patients and this has made her very popular with all of our younger patients.
Nagore has a lot of patience and, above all, has amassed plenty of theoretical and practical knowledge during her years in the UK dealing with children in the NHS.
In “MarDenta”, in addition to Dr. Benito and Dr. Nacho, you could be treated by different specialists who have been carefully selected for their good work and especially for the sensitivity they show when it comes to dealing with our patients.
If you need a new trustworthy dentist in Marbella do not hesitate to contact
them you will not regret your choice.

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Business 1st Mijas Costa Member Ruth Forder of Golden Leaves International, Costa Del Sol is here to help

Business 1st Mijas Costa Member Ruth Forder of Golden Leaves International, Costa Del Sol is here to help

“This month one of my clients had to deal with a home death, this turned out to be horrendous as there wasn’t a funeral plan or insurance in place for the friend that found her. He didn’t know what to do, so called the police, then the forensic came, followed by the funeral director. They were speaking in Spanish, which he didn’t understand, and demanding papers to be signed plus payment. A very difficult & stressful time.

Funerals plans fix the price and can be paid over 5 years interest free, but most importantly there is a 24 hour English speaking person to contact.

Please don’t leave your family or friends to deal with the stress that happened in the above.”  

Please contact, Ruth at Golden Leaves Int 693 715 718 for information about the process in Spain & funeral plans.

Specsavers Opticas Marbella asks you to Show your love this Valentines Day….

Specsavers Opticas Marbella asks you to Show your love this Valentines Day….

February is the month of love, but rather than just treating that special someone, optical chain Specsavers Opticas are asking people to show their love for the most disadvantaged in their community by making a small food donation this month. They are collecting non-perishable food for the Spanish Federation of Food Banks in all 8 of their stores on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Mallorca throughout the month, which will then be donated to the local food bank in their province. They hope residents will get behind the campaign.

The Costa del Sol’s Food Bank is Bancosol, a non-profit organisation founded in 1998. Since then it has been growing and changing to adapt to the constantly increasing number of people who need them and provide as much as they possibly can. In 2016 they distributed 6 million kilos of food to 50,000 disadvantaged people in the Malaga province. Currently, as well as distributing food, they are running a project to help beneficiaries of food donations into training and internships in order to aid these vulnerable people to find work.

In order to meet the growing need for assistance, they require donations from individuals, organisations and companies and Specsavers Opticas has taken up the challenge to make a difference this February.

From the 1st to the 28th of February, anyone can drop off their food at their local store during opening hours.  At the end of the month it will be donated to Bancosol Food Bank, for them to distribute in the community via partnerships with local charitable organisations. Bancosol are particularly in need of oil, tinned fish, preserved meat and meals in a can such as soups and stews, although any donation is of course welcome.

There are Specsavers Opticas stores in Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. To find your nearest Specsavers Opticas store visit


Are we becoming Virtual? asks Victoria Anzola of Iberdata 21

Are we becoming Virtual? asks Victoria Anzola of Iberdata 21

The need for privacy is universal but the ways it is experienced across cultures varies, as do the different sub-cultures within a society. The ubiquity of electronic devices and connectivity means that privacy at home or even in the workplace can no longer be thought of in strictly physical terms.
In today´s world our personal information is being demanded and shared across new channels in exponentially higher degrees. The boundaries between what is and isn´t private are constantly shifting. It is the individual’s choice to reveal some information to certain people or groups, while sharing different information with others. In the physical sense, this may mean choosing whether to share a particular document with a co-worker or deciding to use the phone instead of video chat if we don’t want others to see us.
Technology and the confluence of mobile devices and social networks allow advertisers to track and target people to a degree once reserved for fiction. People spend more and more time every day online, visiting websites, consuming media. Thousands of firms are invisibly monitoring these sites and gathering information about user’s location, income, family size, education, age, employment, interests, browsing history and much more. Cookies allow ads to follow users from site to site.
Most consumers have no idea how closely they are being followed online. Behavioural profiling has gone viral across the internet, enabling companies to reach users with specific messages based on the information gathered and mostly without the users’ consent or even the users knowing such businesses exist. Advanced behavioural targeting using technology helps advertisers increase their return on investment by a large percentage.Technology is changing the advertising business. Online space is unlimited and low cost.
Digital advertising is booming thanks to the way in which people surf the internet. The increased uses of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are a gold mine of data about their users. There is massive growth of smart phones/I-phones (approximately 20% of the world’s population currently have a mobile). Mobile devices are changing the way in which people surf the web and Apps are becoming more popular. Apps don’t store cookies, therefore advertisers and App developers use other tools to recognise users, such as their phone’s ID, and they say they identify users by numbers. Concern is increasing as these companies build up detailed profiles of ‘numbered’ individuals. Data-gathering on mobile devices has become more precise. Some are already using beacons (small wireless devices that use radio signals to communicate with nearby mobiles and tablets). Most of this data is collected without the users being aware of it. What if this information can be traced back to the individuals’ identity?
But gathering information about users and grouping them by sellable items is the real big business. Data is the core of business for the $120 billion online advertising industry. The gathering of data is much easier with the internet as people leave traces wherever they go. Being able to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time, is now possible.
An entire industry has flourished around targeted ads. A website in no longer just a company: it has become a vast amount of linked companies following an individual´s moves, likes and wishes.

iberdata new

Social Media Marketing, Link Building…SEO: It’s an Online Jungle Out There!

Social Media Marketing, Link Building…SEO: It’s an Online Jungle Out There!


If by now you haven’t heard or read about it…”you’re business will be dead if you don’t start and do a great job at Online Marketing”.

But really…what does this mean?

I suppose we don’t need to sum up all facts and you realise that virtually everybody, young and old, search and find what they need online. Not being or becoming an Online authority soon will result in your competition mowing the grass right from under your feet! There is no business on earth who doesn’t benefit from the internet, or should at least be doing it, but even worse…businesses who don’t make it their primary goal to win Online, simply “will vanish over the next years” (literal quote by Google).

We can debate for days on end about the reasons why etc, but let’s zoom in what it’s all about and where you should focus the most.

Becoming an Authority in your field Online

Basically this means that you appear in many searches related to your products or services, preferably more than once on page 1 of the search engines. And we’re not talking about Google ads but the Organic Search results (10 per page). Think about it…not being there is 0 presence. One position of the Big 10 is ‘only’ 10%…meaning others occupy 90% of ‘credibility’.

Noting that it’s virtually impossible to have one same website rank for the same keyword/phrase more than once. So what’s the trick? Expand your footprint!

Your Online Ecosystem: Thinking Outside the (your)…Website

Online Marketing Marbella

As an Authority in your field, there should be news and talks about you/your business and services/products in multiple places. Obviously there’s a need of coordinating efforts and communication and certainly no duplication of same/similar information. The Google algorithms are so strong and will detect attempts to fool them (like poorly re-writing existing web content…it simply doesn’t work anymore).

Forums, blogs, social media (Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Ello…are just a few out there), comments on other sites, actively participating in discussions, Google Local, backlinks on ‘relevant’ websites, outbound links to strong sites…too much to mention here. Make the (virtual) world your world.

Avoid misuse of Social Media

Remember this rule: “Websites are for your Corporate Identity and Social Media are for your Business’ Social Identity”. Too often you see Business pages on networks like Facebook, promote products and services…WRONG! A real estate agency posting property after property after property. Not good! People buy a lifestyle and don’t want to get properties they don’t want (or can’t afford) stuffed on their message board. Same goes with any other industry.

So here are the things you need to do

Start by making sure your website is complying with the Google guidelines and “reads” technically as it should. This is just the basics and won’t give you advantages, yet it gives you disadvantages in case you don’t. Such analysis can be performed by and you’ll know exactly what is wrong with it as well you get the roadmap of what to do about it.

Next make sure your site is properly indexed for the right keywords with the different search engines. Again, if you don’t know how to do this, ask the experts.

Now you’re in a position to start producing quality content, meaning relevant, original, and lengthy (1000+ words) content to be posted on your website and possibly also on certain social media business pages.

Social Media Business Pages

Personal pages are for personal social news. Don’t use them for business. Make sure you have your business pages well optimised. 85% of all business pages are poorly optimised and thus ignored by the search engines. The social media experts will help you either set it up properly or update it to these standards.

Content writing: Can I do it myself?

Can you? Are you capable technically (are you a skilled writer)? But more likely: do you have the time to do this right?

Answer yes to these questions…by all means do it!

Next you then need to know how to reuse the content in a way it’s not considered duplication, and extend the lifespan of an article. How long does a post typically stay visible? Minutes. What if we tell you there’s a way to extend it to, let’s say 5 months?! Yes we can. Using techniques and solutions like Slideshares etc, a well written and long article can do just that.

More Questions?

Request a free consultation with the Online Marketing experts in Marbella.

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