Who is Tina Andlaw of Compelling Copy?

Who is Tina Andlaw of Compelling Copy?

Tina is quite new to the network and I was very curious to finally get to spend some time with her. An enigmatic and sophisticated woman, always so well spoken, she has an interesting trajectory that brought her to the south coast of Spain all the way from Bristol via France, Israel, Malta and then Gibraltar over 24 years ago.

Tina is a striking mix of Gibraltarian father and Greek mother, the latter having grown up in Tangiers. Good at languages since childhood, she was always intrigued to see how people express themselves in different languages. Her obvious path was to study languages in Oxford and she specialised in the art (and science) of translation & interpretation. She heads Compelling Copy, supporting her clients in everything related to written communication. Tina is vegetarian and enjoys the simple things in life, especially hiking and travel. She also helps out in the local dog shelter each week, cleaning cages and taking the dogs out for walks.

Tell me about you – you seem to have a very interesting background.
After finishing university, I worked as international liaison for France at a manufacturing company in England; then to Malta, teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Italian community; and on to Spain, again teaching English, this time to business people in and around Algeciras. I also have a flair for interior design and more specifically styling, having trained with UK TV Channel 5’s House Doctor, Anne Maurice. That is why I ended up teaming with an architectural photography company where I styled shoots and created the copy for luxury real estate publications here on the Costa for a number of years. That led me to write for local magazines and websites and eventually set up my current company.

Tina, what is it that keeps you passionate about your work?
I simply love language! Producing well-written copy is an art form for me. And it can make or break a sale! I always ask myself: ‘what is the point of having a website if it doesn’t connect to your audience?’ That is what I do for my clients: I create those texts that ultimately will win hearts over. Effective copywriting brings to life what you are trying to achieve with your business. It is key to your success!

Are there any tips that you could share with us here?
Of course. Selling requires tapping into emotion. Emotion has to be conveyed in your written copy if you want to sell: emotion is connecting to a problem that you can solve for your clients. Your clients need to feel that you understand what they need. Copy should be direct, concise and convey the benefits of what you offer. Copy is there to take people on a journey: drawing potential customers’ attention, piquing their interest and creating desire in them to take action.

It seems businesses need to dig deep to be able to articulate what you just said, right?
Yes! Business owners need to know their ‘why’! What is your passion? What needs are you here to satisfy? These are all valid leadership questions right now, and every business owner is a leader in what they’re doing. We all need to be clear about our ‘why’.

So you come in and help them distil what it is they really need to say?
That’s right. Not being able to write well is a real challenge for many businesses. I solve that. I give a very personalised service by spending time getting to know what it is you’re about as a business, knowing your product, understanding your message…

Who are your typical clients?
I have been fortunate enough to work for a wide variety of clients so no one is typical. After several years of writing for real estate companies detailing the advantages of buying property in worldwide destinations, I moved on to copywriting for two of Gibraltar’s online gaming companies. Over the past three years as Compelling Copy, I have specialised in travel insurance with medical conditions for the UK insurance giant Staysure, at the same time as writing for other industries such as financial planning, management consultancy, garden design, organic fast food and much more… In a nutshell, I love to research and write about pretty much anything that needs words!

Thank you for your time, Tina. How can people find you?You can get in touch via my website https://www.compellingcopy.co.uk/ or on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-andlaw-a561723b/


La Cala Sales & Rentals the only choice to buy, sell or rent property on the Costa Del Sol

La Cala Sales & Rentals the only choice to buy, sell or rent property on the Costa Del Sol

La Cala Sales and Rentals are the premier estate agents in the local area. If you are looking to buy we have the largest selection of properties at the best prices.  If we are not currently advertising your property we would be happy to do so on a no sale no fee basis. With our two offices in La Cala located in prime positions, we offer the best service for both buyers and sellers.

Andrew Partridge
Tel +34 951 778 707
Mob +34 664 229 455


Louise from FNL Transformation answers the question…Does it really matter what oil you use for cooking?

Louise from FNL Transformation answers the question…Does it really matter what oil you use for cooking?

When you look at the bigger picture, not so much.

All oils are basically about 120kcalsper tablespoon with about 12-13g of fat.

All oils have a smoke point and those that are more stable at higher temperatures are better for frying, while those that are less stable might be better for baking into cakes or using as a spread.

Does the ratio or omega 3 to omega 6 matter?  Sure, but is a tablespoon  of rapeseed oil really going to make that big of a difference if the rest of  your diet is spot on?

Get the basics right, energy balance, lots of vegetables, protein at every meal from various sourcesof lean meat and fish and include some oily fish a couple of times per week, if you like it.

Too many people get hung up on minor details like is coconut oil going to let you live longer than sunflower oil?  Not if you haven’t got the basics right and even then, 120kcals out of 2,000 plus is a drop in the ocean.  So, maybe you should just go with the cheapest option and spend the difference on some wild salmon instead.

For the record, coconut oil won’t help you to burn fat if you aren’t in an energy deficit (basic thermodynamics) and even then, it probably won’t make any difference.

Talk Soon

-Louise O’Connor

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

FNL Transformation


HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH COACHING by Macarena Vergara Executive and Life Coach

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH COACHING by Macarena Vergara Executive and Life Coach

Since I was a child I knew I wanted to work to improve things in the world. So I did what everyone did in those days to get into the international development sector: I studied economics. I worked for aid agencies and discovered my passion for gender equality, public health and women’s rights. I became a mother, and realised that to change the world you have to start with yourself. So I started close in, and I spent years ‘investigating’ inside and I also trained professionally as a Coach. Today, personal empowerment lies at the heart of my coaching business.

I coach because I have a passion for personal transformation: I believe 100%, without a doubt, that we all have everything we need in us, to live the life we want.  We all have immense power and wisdom, and I help you access that. From there, you can achieve anything. My job is to support my clients in developing self-awareness, taking full responsibility for their lives and their big, bold dreams, and in making the right choices for themselves – based on their own insights, not mine. Only from a space of deep connection to ourselves can we live with internal coherence, integrity and authenticity.

You’re probably asking yourself: How does that happen? What exactly does coaching entail? Well, typically my clients come to me because they want to change their lives. They might be feeling unfocused, cluttered or unclear as to what exactly they need to change, but they feel uncomfortable with things as they are, in life and work. They might be frustrated, directionless and in need of renewing their enthusiasm for life… They want to wake up motivated and inspired, energised to live their lives. They want to feel that they are the ones in charge. They want to hear their own voice for a change. They crave themselves. They want their groove back and they are more than ready to set big challenges: in the way they think and feel about themselves, in the way they relate and communicate, in the way they perform and lead others at work… Most importantly, my clients are driven to take action.

And that is where transformation happens: through action. So here is what we do: First, we establish a framework for the coaching: it can be setting goals, getting clear on expectations, having the big picture in mind. Then we create a plan to get where the client wants to get to, and we hold weekly or biweekly coaching conversations for approximately two to three months, depending on what the client wants to achieve. We go together on a journey.

Each coaching session is an opportunity to have a deep, meaningful exchange. I use neuroscience and mindfulness-based methods to clear the clutter of my clients’ minds; to explore the depths of habits, beliefs, unmet needs and harmful thought and emotional patterns; ultimately to uncover my clients’ strengths and values, their truth, their voice. Clients discover, over and over, that they have within themselves the resources to change their lives. And that is for me the true meaning of empowerment.

As your coach, I provide a safe space and structure to our conversations; I listen deeply and ask powerful questions for you to discover your own insights. I keep you motivated, I challenge you and hold you accountable for the steps forward you decide to take. As my client, you get to know yourself in the process; you take control of your life, you grow. By taking action, you start walking boldly, authentically and with integrity towards your dreams.

I am here, at the end of the day, to polish my clients into the best version of themselves. Because a world where we are our best selves is indeed a better world.

Macarena Vergara Coaching




MarDenta Clinic, Marbella Costa Del Sol

MarDenta Clinic, Marbella Costa Del Sol

Ignacio Duran and his partner Nagore Benito are the founding dentists at MarDenta,
Nacho, as his friends call him, was born in 1986 in La Linea de la Concepción.
He studied primary education in an English school in Gibraltar, “Loreto Convent” where he learned English from a very small age.
At the age of 14 he moved with his family to Marbella, where he completed his secondary education.
After graduating in Dentistry at the University AlfonsoX el Sabio in 2009, he moved to United Kingdom. He first lived in Grimsby for 2 years and then moved to Leeds for a further 5 years, which helped to improve his English.
After seven years working for the NHS, Nacho did several postgraduate courses on restorative dentistry, endodontics, surgery and implants, he decided to return to Marbella along with Dr. Benito to begin his new project Mardenta.
At the present time, Dr. Nacho continues to invest his time in training, currently studying a master’s degree in aesthetic dentistry and prosthetic at Barcelona dental institute.

Nagore Benito, was born in San Sebastián, a beautiful coast town in the north of Spain.
From the age of 5 to 18, she studied at San Ignacio de Loyola school, where she learned euskera language.
After graduating in dentistry by the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Nagore also moved to the United Kingdom, where they both met.
Dr. Benito was always very clear about her vocation, and soon she started a post-graduate course in orthodontics in Seville, which re-affirmed to her that this specialty was her passion. Nagore then decided to expand her studies so she started another postgraduate course in Malaga in orthodontics clinic and orthopedics, taught by the prestigious orthodontist Rafael Muñoz Morente.
Nagore has a special ability to deal with the youngest of patients and this has made her very popular with all of our younger patients.
Nagore has a lot of patience and, above all, has amassed plenty of theoretical and practical knowledge during her years in the UK dealing with children in the NHS.
In “MarDenta”, in addition to Dr. Benito and Dr. Nacho, you could be treated by different specialists who have been carefully selected for their good work and especially for the sensitivity they show when it comes to dealing with our patients.
If you need a new trustworthy dentist in Marbella do not hesitate to contact
them you will not regret your choice.

Visit our website and / or Facebook for more news and information.


Business 1st Mijas Costa Member Ruth Forder of Golden Leaves International, Costa Del Sol is here to help

Business 1st Mijas Costa Member Ruth Forder of Golden Leaves International, Costa Del Sol is here to help

“This month one of my clients had to deal with a home death, this turned out to be horrendous as there wasn’t a funeral plan or insurance in place for the friend that found her. He didn’t know what to do, so called the police, then the forensic came, followed by the funeral director. They were speaking in Spanish, which he didn’t understand, and demanding papers to be signed plus payment. A very difficult & stressful time.

Funerals plans fix the price and can be paid over 5 years interest free, but most importantly there is a 24 hour English speaking person to contact.

Please don’t leave your family or friends to deal with the stress that happened in the above.”  

Please contact, Ruth at Golden Leaves Int 693 715 718 for information about the process in Spain & funeral plans.