IAF Takes Education to the Enforcement Agencies

IAF Takes Education to the Enforcement Agencies

The Information Accountability Foundation (IAF) held a seminar with and for the Colombia Superintendent of Industry and Commerce (SIC) on March 7, 2018 that was attended by 35 members of the SIC data protection staff.  The seminar is a continuation of the IAF’s Digital University that takes the IAF’s research directly to policymakers and implementers.  The SIC is the data protection enforcement agency in Colombia.

Maria Claudia Caviedes Mejia, SIC Deputy Superintendent, and Martin Abrams


The seminar focused on accountability as a guiding principle for effective data protection in an observational age.  SIC published a guidance circular in 2015 on accountability that emphasized the role of accountability in a data protection program.  The seminar purpose was to provide additional substance on how the accountability principle works in effect.


The IAF team included Martin Abrams, IAF executive director, Scott Taylor from Merck, Victoria Anzola from Segge, and Jose Alejandro Bermudez from Bermudez Legal. 


Abrams presented on the Essential Elements of Accountability and their meaning in a data era where observation and analytics play a prominent role.  He was followed by Taylor who spoke on governance and the questions a regulator might ask to measure the presence of an accountability based program.  Victoria Anzola, who runs a Colombia based consultancy for SMEs, discussed how accountability is implemented in smaller enterprises.  Bermudez discussed accountability in a South American context.   The program closed with a second Abrams presentation on the key role accountability plays when data is available across borders.


The IAF is a non-profit whose charitable purpose is research and education.  It is the incorporation of the Global Accountability Dialogue that facilitated the Essential Elements of Accountability.  The Digital University is a proactive initiative to take IAF research and objective content of how digital processes actually work for the sole purpose of informing policymaker and implementer audiences.  It is predicated on the notion that government and regulatory agencies often do not have the budget to attend educational conferences and that knowledge needs to be taken to them.  The IAF and Digital University operate in all regions and actively collaborate with other organizations interested in informed information policy. 

Victoria Anzola

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RCH Legal Abogados Marbella, update on Inheritance Tax Law in Andalusia

RCH Legal Abogados Marbella, update on Inheritance Tax Law in Andalusia

Update regarding Inheritance Tax Law in Andalucía


  • Who must pay the inheritance tax?


The heirs and the legatees have to pay the inheritance tax.

Example for distinction between heirs and legatee: The heirs receive the general estate, but the legatees have a prior right to receive specific goods from the estate without being heirs.

  • New Legal situation in 2018, tax exemption was increased to 1.000.000,- €.

Before January 2018, the estates until 250,000,- € were free of inheritance tax.

In 2018, the tax exemption has been increased up to one million euros (1.000.000,- €) per heir or legatee.

The estate in Andalucía is free of tax under the following conditions:

  1. If the heir or legate is a child, parent or a spouse of the testator


  1. If the assets of the heir are not superior than 1.000.000 €

In case the value of the estate is more than 1,000,000,- €, the tax is calculated over the difference between 1.000.000,- € and the value of the estate. Until 2017, the Inheritance tax was payable over the whole value of the estate. 


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